About Us

About us

A Certified Training Institute in Nepal

Welcome to Galaxy Training Institute, where you can find all the training you need for the hospitality and service sectors under one roof. We take great satisfaction in providing thorough and competent training programs that aid in helping people get the expertise and abilities required to thrive in the competitive hospitality sector.

Things We Offer

Advance Barista Training

Advance Juice Course

Government Verified Certificate

Daily Job Vacancies

Advance Pizza Course

Professional Waiter Training

Photos and Video Shoots

Internship Facilities

Our school provides a variety of programs that are intended to give students the hands-on experience and practical instruction they need to succeed in their careers such as:

  • Barista training
  • Waiter training
  • Customer service
  • Pizza class
  • Juicing class
  • Coffee art training, and more.

Each of our courses is instructed by experts with years of relevant professional experience who are dedicated to providing the best training possible.

We provide more than simply training in the form of government-verified certificates, internships, and life-changing experiences. We are dedicated to assisting our students in achieving their objectives and think it is critical for them to have access to a variety of opportunities and resources.